Athens Tips and Information

For those that don’t have a guide book, here's some information on Athens we think will be useful for you to know before you arrive.

Let us know if you think there is something we missed and we will add it :)

- Everything in Athens is closed on Sundays including grocery shops, post offices etc., so come prepared if you are arriving on a weekend.

- During the middle of August, many businesses are closed for vacation. Check with reception before going.

- Banks in Athens are open from 8am to 2.30pm Monday to Thursday, Fridays until 2.00pm and closed on Saturdays or Sundays (except for the airport branches)

- The Acropolis Museum is closed on Mondays

- All archaeological sites and museums are closed on the following dates: 1 January, 25 March, Easter Sunday, 1 May, 25 December and 26 December. But are open on Sundays.

- On some Sundays, access to the Acropolis and other ancient sites is free, check this link ( to find out exactly when. International Student Card holders allow discounted access to most of the museums in Athens (not all for free).

- When visiting the archaeological sites (especially up on Acropolis rock), it is wise to wear comfortable flat shoes, as the ground is marble in most of the places and therefore extremely slippery.

- Tickets for the metro, train and bus cost € 1,40 and are valid for an hour and a half after purchase on all buses, trains and metro lines. International student card gives discounts on the public transportation tickets (€ 0,70), but NOT on suburban railway, suburban bus or ferry tickets

- The minimum charge for a taxi is Eur 3,20 and the double rate/tariff is effective between midnight and 5am

- The Beach is about 30 minutes from Central Athens and is reachable by bus, tram and taxi

- In the summer season be sure to visit also an open-air cinema for an out-door movie experience (movies are mostly with Greek subtitles, not dubbed). Be prepared though for the feature to last a bit longer, as Greeks are used to having, like in a theatre, a short break during the movie

- If planning on travelling to the Greek Islands during the high season (June - August) it is always a good idea to make these arrangements in advance as Ferry boats tickets sell out very fast for this period

- People in Athens and Greece in general tend to go out at night fairly late, from about 23:00 onwards, so keep this in mind

- For nightlife in central Athens go to the areas of Gazi or Psyrri

- For some summer nightlife visit the coastal areas of Glyfada or Voula

- Don't worry if you don’t speak Greek, as most locals speak enough English to get by

- The Greek Tourist Information Office (lots of useful maps and brochures about Athens and Greece) is located at 26 Amalias St. in Syntagma Square (opposite the National Gardens)

- Although Athens remains a relatively safe city, it is advisable to avoid the following areas after dark: Omonoia Square, Evripidou & Sofokleous St., Koumoundourou Square, Tositsa Square (next to the Polytechnic)

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